RxVison™: Sharing PGx Test Results Just Got Easier

By Admera Health on Apr 3, 2020 4:12:36 AM

RxVision™: Pharmacogenomics Clinical Decision Support System-Part 2

The Admera Health PGxOne™ Plus test covers 55 genes that are associated with 20+ therapeutic areas, making it one of the most comprehensive pharmacogenomics (PGx) tests available and relevant across multiple specialties. However, sharing reports among physicians can be difficult, specifically because:

  • Practices often use a multidisciplinary approach with their patients among multiple physicians and healthcare staff

  • Patients see multiple physicians outside the practice of the ordering provider, which can lead to difficulties in other providers gaining access to the patients’ PGx test results to all providers

Admera Health’s clinical decision support system, RxVision™, integrates the PGxOne™ Plus test into a physician’s workflow, providing clinical insight into gene-drug associations. Additionally, RxVision™ has two features, Physician Referral, and Patient Referral, that allow physicians to share a patient(s) PGxOne™ Plus report(s) with another physician seamlessly, both inside and outside the practice.

The RxVision™ Refer Physician feature grants multi-provider access of PGxOne™ Plus results within the same practice as the ordering provider:

Some practices share patients among their physicians and healthcare staff. This effect can be magnified in large hospitals or healthcare institutions that employ multiple medical professionals in different specialties to assist their patient population. Unfortunately, EMRs may not always be available, or have PGx test results integrated. Having a centralized location for PGx results for the practice’s roster of patients will assist physicians during their respective consultations, allowing other healthcare professionals to monitor a patient’s treatment options. RxVision™ accomplishes this by:

  • Allowing providers to access patients’ PGxOne™ Plus results within the same practice, even across multiple locations

  • The ability for physicians to grant access to results with other team members such as nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and other staff

  • Printing a patient's results is also available in RxVision™, which can subsequently be scanned and integrated into the practice’s EMR and/or shown to the patient during their consultation

The RxVision™ Refer Patient feature grants access of PGxOne™ Plus results to a physician or healthcare provider outside the ordering provider’s practice:

Patients see multiple providers outside that of the ordering physician practice, necessitating the referring of test results to those providers. For example, a cancer patient seeing an oncologist could also be seeing a primary care physician and other specialists regularly. The option to share the PGxOne™ Plus report allows for:

  • Physicians to work in tandem to find the best treatment options for their shared patient

  • Better treatment decisions when a patient may need to start a new medication

  • Sharing of test results despite differences in geographic locations

Ensuring Lifetime Utility and Mobility:

RxVision™ is adaptable to everyday situations, such as the need to allow a patient’s report to be viewed by all current and future healthcare providers. In this way, the patient can rest assured their PGxOne™ Plus report will be applicable throughout the entirety of their lifetime.

RxVision™ allows providers to view Admera Health’s PGxOne™ Plus test results in an easy-to-use, dynamic format. This post serves as part-two in the RxVision™ blog series, that will touch upon the following topics:

  • RxVision™ allows healthcare providers to have evidence-based guidance for pharmacogenomics test results from the FDA biomarker list, CPIC, PharmGKB, and FDA approved medication package inserts, which encompasses hundreds of medications

  • RxVision™ is able to provide longer-term functionality for users with their PGx results—versus other static PGx reports

  • New medications can be checked against available PGx results for gene-drug interactions

  • RxVision™ combines drug-drug, drug-food, drug-alcohol, and drug-lab interactions from a medication knowledge-base commonly used in EHRs, along with the patient's pharmacogenomics test results in one central data hub. Thus, eliminating the need to check for drug-drug, drug-food, and drug-lab interactions separately

  • RxVision™ can be used in preemptive PGx workflows in addition to reactive PGx workflows

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